Columbus is blessed with an incredible Downtown area that continues to boom. The development of the Arena District in the late 1990’s help transform the entire area into a place where people want to be live, play, and even raise a family. There are a plethora of entertainment options and places to see in the downtown area. Below you will find just a few of the incredible places you shouldn’t wait to explore.

Places to Explore in Downtown Cbus

Ohio Theatre

Located across the street from the state capitol building, the Ohio Theatre hosts over 100 comedy shows, musicals, symphonies, and more every single year! The historic theatre was originally designed by architect, Thomas W. Lamb and built-in 1929. The building was later furnished and decorated by Anne Dornan, who helped administer the one million dollar…

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Ohio Statehouse

Visit the Ohio Statehouse Columbus is fortunate enough to be the Ohio state capital, and with that privilege comes the beautiful Ohio Statehouse and its storied history. The structure was completed in 1861 with the help of prison labor from the Ohio Penitentiary (which ironically was previously located where the Arena District now sits). Visiting…

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Columbus Commons

The Columbus Commons took the place of what was once a very popular shopping mall known as the “City Center”. Many of the surrounding buildings and parking garages are still intact, but otherwise, the area has completely changed over the last several years. The construction of the Columbus Commons was a huge part of the…

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