The Scioto Mile in Columbus, Ohio

The Scioto Mile is an exceptional park in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio. It is a great place to go for a walk and enjoy nature, or you can visit one of many restaurants along the riverfront. There are also festivals and events held here throughout the year.
Whether it’s your first time visiting or if you live nearby, we think everyone should check out this beautiful space at least once!

The Scioto Mile is home to many things: nature trails, lush gardens, fountains, and waterfalls – but perhaps its greatest asset is that it sits right on top of where our city was founded by none other than our very own Christopher Columbus. The word “Scioto” means “river” in the word “Scioto” means “river” in the Shawnee language, and was named after the river that runs behind (and through!) downtown Columbus.

This area is a personal favorite of mine. When I lived in downtown Columbus I would walk my dog down the path at least once a day throughout the year. No matter which direction you decide to walk in, there is always something amazing to see. If you’re on this page and on this website, that means you are probably interested in condos with easy access to the Scioto Mile. Here is a list of some of your best choices

Condo Buildings on the Scioto Mile

Scioto Mile with a view of Downtown Columbus

Below is a list of condo buildings where the Scioto Mile is essentially right outside your door. Any of these are great options for people that want to live downtown with great views, but also want easy access to nature.


Waterford Tower

Northbank Condos

Parks Edge Condos

Condo Buildings Walkable to the Scioto

Milestone 229 on the Scioto Mile with Waterford Tower and Miranova in the background
Popular restaurant Milestone 229 on the Scioto Mile with Waterford Tower and Miranova in the background

Realistically any condo building downtown can probably walk to the Sciotos unless you start to get too far to the North or East part of the city. Here are a few that aren’t directly on the path but can still get there very easily.


Brunson Building

Carlyles Watch

Hartman Lofts

Ohio Lofts

Neighborhood Launch

Like I said, realistically just about any condo building in the downtown area can make it pretty easily, apologies if I left one of your favorites off of this list!

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